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About Us

How is this site created?

-This site was created with reason to help the growing number of unemployed people in our country who are fighting for their existence.
-I've been trying to help people to seek and offer jobs in the easiest possible way, that all ads are free, and that anyone who agrees to the terms of use may place ad.
- -I repeat all ads are free! And anyone who has any objection or suggestion can contact us via our contact page Contact

Who have benefits from this site?

-First at all, citizens of Serbia have the most benefits.
-Companies with no one euro investment can easily find qualified workers, to place an ad and advertise free their business.
-Individuals who are looking for a job may submit their ad compete for the job free. They may use the CV forms, and improve their CV, free.

Plans for the future

-One thing is for sure in the future, we will try to all ads remain free, and available to everyone.
-Improving the site from day to day and simplifying employment process is the authors’ aim.
-We are aware that everything is complicated in our country. The two biggest problems are complicated bureaucracy and corruption.
-Without ”bribery" is almost impossible to find a job. When we manage to change that, when everyone has equal opportunities for employment, we will meet our goal.
-If you want to help us, please contact us, ask questions, or give suggestions. Our doors are open to everyone, criticism is welcome because that is the only way for our progress.
-If something bothers you and you hover over it and do not contact us, we can’t repair it? So, write to us.

The way of funding the site

-The site is created without personal gain. The site is funded exclusively through the commercials that are on the site.
-Anyone who wishes to advertise through our site, more information can find on MARKETING page.

The site authors

-For site creating we would like to thank:
1. Milan - programmer.
2. Rada - testing, design and public relations.

Technologies used for site creation

-Environment: Asp.Net
-Technology: HTML, C #, JavaScript - jQuery, Ajax, CSS, CSS3, XML
-Databases: MS SQL 2008 R2
-Site that is developed in Asp.Net environment is the most advanced, currently, as you can see on the Internet. C # language is relatively difficult for programming but the performance are at the first place, and because of it it got the nickname "the programming language of the future."
-If you want your own web site? Have an idea? You want only the best?